Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Reverse bitch fest - is that okay to say?

So I've had my next blog piece in draft for a week now, and keep editing, and revising, and generally procrastinating, all the while still cleaning out the black hole, and listing things on Etsy, and Ebay, having a tooth abscess, and trying to quit smoking - today was my first self imposed  'cut down' date, and did very well all day (halved number) until I got home to the caretaking, and cooking in advance for the 'Rents so that I could perhaps have a bit of a life this week, and trying to drink water instead of wine, but the taste, while excellent during the day, simply doesn't cut it after 5 p.m., and............and...........where was I?

Oh, basically bitching, which brings me to my actual point.

If we can actually bitch to that extent, then aren't we really okay?  I mean, aren't we?

I realize daily that if I were unable to bitch and complain, it would mean that I would be disabled in some way.  Actually UNABLE to bitch and complain.

And THAT means that the status quo is still in place, and I am okay.

Would love thoughts/comments on this, because I might REALLY be rationalizing here, and if I am actually in a more horrible place than I think I am, I need to know about it pronto, so that I can get more wine immediately!

Or chocolate.  Chocolate is good................

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