Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Reverse bitch fest - is that okay to say?

So I've had my next blog piece in draft for a week now, and keep editing, and revising, and generally procrastinating, all the while still cleaning out the black hole, and listing things on Etsy, and Ebay, having a tooth abscess, and trying to quit smoking - today was my first self imposed  'cut down' date, and did very well all day (halved number) until I got home to the caretaking, and cooking in advance for the 'Rents so that I could perhaps have a bit of a life this week, and trying to drink water instead of wine, but the taste, while excellent during the day, simply doesn't cut it after 5 p.m., and............and...........where was I?

Oh, basically bitching, which brings me to my actual point.

If we can actually bitch to that extent, then aren't we really okay?  I mean, aren't we?

I realize daily that if I were unable to bitch and complain, it would mean that I would be disabled in some way.  Actually UNABLE to bitch and complain.

And THAT means that the status quo is still in place, and I am okay.

Would love thoughts/comments on this, because I might REALLY be rationalizing here, and if I am actually in a more horrible place than I think I am, I need to know about it pronto, so that I can get more wine immediately!

Or chocolate.  Chocolate is good................

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend - what it is


Had a whole post written and ready. It will have to wait.

Memorial Day is always a twisted 'holiday'. That's in quotes because really, people, 'holiday'? Those of us with veteran fathers and uncles and brothers and cousins and spouses know better.

How do we explain this to the 'let's barbecue', let's party', 'let's get our first major sunburn of the year' crowd, whose main objective is to 'LET THE SUMMER BEGIN'!!!?  Please.....

At my house, as my veteran father watched parades and ate what we allowed him to, WHEN WE WERE WATCHING, my siblings and their spouses were all hands on deck in the 'black hole' - the garage you have seen previous pix of.

Look -  Actual Garage Floor - Not Seen for Decades!

8 hours, several beers, a trip to the hardware store for more contractor bags later, and much lively (spirited? crabby?) discussion, the curb was neck high with discards, everybody picked stuff they wanted, and I have several photos to take of fabulous finds to add to my etsy shop.

Old Bowling Bags with balls

Chairs from my Grandfather's Chevy dealership!

Would have done today, but did about 5 loads of sheets, towels, blankets and a few bodies leftover from the weekend. They are drying out nicely.

Totally exhausted, back to work tomorrow, leaving a few large pots still to be washed, this past weekend was a 'memorial' weekend, not just for those who have served, to whom we are eternally grateful, but also for the fact that when a family becomes an ace team, mountains (literally) can be moved!

The search continues,


Cool old Schwinn 3 wheeler, gonna get a funny hat and a stuffed cat and ride around town!