Tuesday, May 18, 2010

IN SEARCH OF WORLD PIECE(s) - Welcome to Daria's Digs!

So here's my new blog, and this is my virgin (maiden?) post.  Having been forcibly plunged into the world of Etsy 3 weeks ago by my dear friend who wields a mean whip, and is somehow immune to my whining and mewling, which is generally highly effective with all the other poor saps who occupy varying positions in my life, I am now officially, with protests gone unheeded, entering the blog world as well.

Having made that announcement, I am failing to hear all the cheers and applause, and looking out my office/bedroom/warehouse window, notice a distinct lack of fireworks.  I suppose the parade took a wrong turn also.

But I digress.  The 'digging', which defines me, actually began in my own home.  Living with my aging parents, Mom caretaking my Dad, me caretaking both, I embarked on a fruitless mission to 'lighten up' our world, by trying to throw away everything that wasn't nailed down, or hadn't taken root.  Try doing this when EVERYTHING has a story that you must listen to as each item is removed from the contractor bag, and replaced in an even more inconvenient place in the home than from where it was originally unearthed.  I tried doing my trashing under cover of night, but the lack of sleep made me cranky, and the lack of light resulted in my having to go up in magnification of my prescription (otherwise known CVS 2.0) glasses.

All has changed, however, with the onset of the whole Etsy thing.  We began with Mom's vintage sewing patterns, and now I can tell the stories to others, quite more pleasant than storing them in my already overtaxed brain enabling them to interweave themselves into nightmares I will leave to your own imagination.

We have now moved on to include vintage sewing notions, jewelry, books, and will be adding numerous items that can now leave the home condoned by the very ones that zealously hoarded them all these many years.  As each little sale moves a bit more into the account, the sun shines a bit brighter, and the house, having lost about 5 pounds to date, is happy with it's new leaner shape. 

Whereas Mom used to look into the garage, sigh, and walk away, she now sees a giant treasure chest, and has even made some digging forays of her own.                                       

Not to be outdone, I have expanded my 'digging' to the outer world, and am finding additional fabu pieces to bring to my shop.

I will pause here for now, as my 3 year old attention span would have made ME stop reading this by now, and I am sure, as unique (translate - insane) as I am, there must be others like me out there.

Continuing in my search for world piece(s),



  1. When your garage clearing is complete, feel free to start in ours. You may find something that interests you.

  2. Perhaps this could be a whole new career for Mom! Of course, with Dad in tow, could be interesting. Any WWII memorabilia may end up in his back pocket and get run through the next laundry cycle. I'll check her rates and get back to you.

    Thanks for being my very first blog viewer!

  3. Sell baby sell! Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Now, could you do that everyday of your life? It would mean the world to me, really. :)I need to know I'm a priority to complete strangers. You'll understand this way of thinking very soon... Welcome to the blogging life! P.S. Don't worry, we won't be stangers for long. We'll be BFF's in about 2 days.